The Comfort of Depression


She went up to strangers and asked them to play
She never predicted that they wouldn’t stay

That her love and affection wouldn’t be enough

To keep her friends by her side when shit got tough

They see what’s easy and are with her through thin

But when life gets thick don’t expect to spin

Around, and see, a single person standing behind her

Here, is where he begins his seductive lure

He beckons to her, the only voice around

As none of her friends can seem to be found

So she listens to him, the only comfort she can find

He soon comes to be the only familiarity in her mind

Now every time she’s scared, upset, or confused

She falls back to him, the only one whose

Always been with her, from playground to walk of shame

He’s in her head, he always came.

He convinces her no one cares, no one wants her around

He keeps her hidden, in bed can she be found

Now she can’t leave him, her psychosis too dependent 

On the only voice inside her, his direction inherent 

He took over her life, action, thought, and word

It’s impossible to find the girl you once heard

Call out on the playground to come join the fun

She lost herself in him, and him, she had become.


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