Cost of living


If the boy said he’d come overDidn’t show up
And the ex you’re still in love with

Is at the bottom of your cup
What would happen if I packed a bag

And spun around the room
Drove that way for a while,

Burnt rubber my perfume
Try and find a small town where

My phone loses reception
There’s an appeal to disappearing,

A societal defection
Off the grid, a nation of my own,

Self reliant, self determined, relations unknown
The boarders reach from my license plate

To the bumper
A young girl’s symphony plays

Of teenage love and abusive mothers
How far do you drive?

How much love have you lost?
How much money is spent?

What’s the emotional cost?


Late night thoughts


I saw her, you’re not being very discreet. She’s skinnier than me, prettier than me, possibly funnier than me. Maybe she’s easier to handle. You didn’t even try but I guess you could tell pretty quick that I’d be more work than I’m worth. Maybe her parents are abusive, or she has a drug problem, or she’s seceretly depressed. Or. She’s an “or”, I’m an “and”. You want the girl who silently cries herself to sleep, but wakes you up with a blowjob. Why would you want a hurricane.