Why drinking games are bad


So about a year ago I was living in university residence when I got written up for playing drinking games in my room and forced to write a 2 page paper as punishment. However, I had not actually been in the room. The CAs entered my room without permission and found plastic cups and assumed drinking games had occurred. Here was the essay I wrote for them.

Why Drinking Games Are Bad

Drinking games are detrimental to not only myself but to my community, friends, family, myself and everyone around me. It encourages binge drinking and the excess of alcohol intake as well as doing this all very quickly in short amount of time. Drinking in a game form is why people get too drunk and puke which means you either die, feel very poorly the next day, or cause your friends and community to deal with your beligerant behavior as well as any mess you may excrete from your body due to lack of bodily control that occurs when overly intoxicated. While I have not actually been present for any drinking games in residence, the presence of red cups scattered around the room indicated to CA’s who entered my room without permission or reason that drinking games had occurred in the completely empty room and that action needs to be taken in order to protect the community from the dangers of drinking games. Even though there was nobody in the room, binge drinking as a result of drinking games that allegedly occurred in the room still served much danger to the community. These players were released into the wild and able to cause chaos in all forms of defiance and drunkenness. The issue that occurs is that whomever was allegedly playing drinking games is now no longer in the room and therefore is an uncontrollable force that CA’s cannot stop. They may even return to vomit on community furniture or pass out in the hallway or die on university community property which would not of happened had drinking games not allegedly occurred. A good solution to these problems will be to drink out of thin glass cups next time instead of the durable, unshatterable plastic ones that can easily be manipulated by guests to play drinking games. This will solve the problem of university students binge drinking. Drinking games should never occur on university residence property and I can assure you will not occur in my room, kitchen, bathroom, or cabinets. It is a burden on friends and the community if someone gets overly intoxicated which is easily caused by drinking games and can ruin lives, friendships, and livers but mostly GPA’s because who honestly goes to class after thursden. Therefore the prevention of drinking games can prevent the prevention of low gpa’s and low self-esteem from regrettable actions made when overly intoxicated from the lack of prevention of drinking games causing the prevention of soberness. I have learned from this experience that I shall never again be caught not being present in a room with drinking games as this was how I was written up. Being 20 years old, I understand the dangers of over intoxication but am unable to control myself when games are involved so I shall removed anything that may be manipulated into a drinking game from my room so that any drinking occurring will be straight to the point without any rules, conditions, or points. I can honestly promise there will be no drinking games or evidence of drinking games found in my room ever again. I can assure this promise as I don’t actually drink much and will probably just watch Netflix in bed every weekend for the rest of the academic year. I apologize for this paper not being up to my usual standard as the swift response to the incident occurring over a month ago resulted in me writing this in the midst of also having two 15 page papers and a multitude of finals as well as having just returned from a field trip to the emergency room and my own struggling health. Please don’t kick me out I won’t survive the winter I’m fragile.


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